i was obese

My name is Amber Lynn… I am 31… and I live in Philadelphia.

I had gastric bypass surgery 10 years ago.

Artist | David Wirchansky | Untitled #1 | 2002 | {Amber Lynn Pre Surgery}

Most people don’t know this about me.  It was so long ago that it’s not something I tend to bring up.  My body and what goes into it has become a normal part of my daily life.
I DO NOT regret having the surgery.
I DO regret not documenting every single detail of my life changing experience.
I attended The University of the Arts, majoring in Photography, and the summer before my Senior year (2002) had gastric bypass.

Pre surgery I had planned several bodies of work in relation to what was about to occur.  This was a once in a lifetime experience that I NEEDED to take full advantage of artistically.  However, instead of the projects planned… I was faced with an uncertain physical and emotional state and quickly brushed the project aside.  I ignored myself as I literally withered away.

Art has always been my therapy and to this day I can not comprehend why I did not use my coping mechanism at that time.  For the past 9 years, my heart and mind has been haunted by the pivotal opportunity that I let slip through my finger tips.

Two months ago I reconnected with someone very dear to my heart.  She told me that she would be having the surgery.  She has agreed to let me invade her experience every step of the way… to let me bring to full circle the bodies of work I had planned so long ago.

To her I am forever grateful.

2 Comments to “i was obese”

  1. thanks for starting this art project. i’m excited to see where it goes!

  2. I’m watching this. I’m overweight and it’s been a long-lasting struggle. Thank you for this project.

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